consultations and services

Ayurvedic Optimal Health Consultations
Initial Consultation $160
This is a two hour information gathering appointment, and involves a complete review of your health history, primary health concerns, and an assessment of your constitution.
Report of Findings $75
This appointment lasts one hour and is scheduled five to seven days after the initial consultation. We will discuss your individual constitution and imbalances as well as educating you on the basics of Ayurveda and what it means in your daily life. An individualized food program will be given, with a specific plan to integrate into your lifestyle for the next two weeks. You will also be presented with a personalized herbal formula to take for two weeks.
Upon finishing the report, it is recommended to take the Introduction to 5elements Cooking class which will be offered to new clients either as part of the Three Month Package or as an individual service.
Payment in full for both the Initial Consultation with the Report of Findings $225 (save $10)
Follow-up Visit  $75
Each follow-up visit takes place every two weeks and generally takes about one hour. We will discuss the results from the previous two weeks, review your symptoms, and integrate more lifestyle practices as appropriate. An additional two weeks worth of herbs will also be offered at this time.
Organic Herbal Formulations
Each formulation is specific to the clients needs. Prices vary according to formulation, number of formulas recommended, and shipping if necessary.
Typically, one formula for digestive support and one to support the mental aspects of healing are offered in the beginning of treatment.
Three month package $805 (save $50)
*This package includes the initial consultation, report of findings, and follow-up visits every two weeks for a total of three months! This package also includes your first two herbal preparations.*Package Includes the  5elements Intro to Ayurvedic Cooking Class!

5elements Intro to Ayurvedic Cooking Class
 A laCarte Class: $100 ( In-Home)
*Once a three month package is completed, your progress will be evaluated,  and a second three month package may be offered, or individual visits may be suggested depending on the individuals needs at that point.

Ask me about having group cooking classes as well as personal chef services, and small scale veggie catering!!
Ayurvedic Facial- specifically designed for your doshic (constitutional)  imbalance as manifested on the surface of the skin. Food grade products are used which bring balance to the skin and body,so as to provide true healing benefit.