Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Look At Who YOU Are

Ancient sciences throughout the world use plants, herbs, and minerals in which the earth has provided to remedy illness and prevent disease. These are still here for us to use, but have been sadly overlooked as modern day pharmaceuticals have become big business and have become a mask to the root of disease instead of the remover or healer. It is because we have become detached from nature and its love.We have simply forgotten that we are also a part of nature all around us. 
It does take change for our bodies to once again become in tune with where it should be, and this is a challenge for many. Ayurveda simply suggests making ONE small change at a time, that change becoming rooted in your daily life, therefore becoming a part of who you are. As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I always begin a clients road to wellness with food.In Ayurveda, the act of eating is a divine sacrament to your very being, forming and building the structure of your body and mind like devotees build a place of worship and contemplation. Food then, is something much more powerful than mere nourishment, it forms the essence of your very being. It becomes who you are. We've all heard: "You are what you eat." It is true.YOU ARE FOOD. Any Ayurvedic program will most times begin by offering a food program It is where it all begins simply because all disease moves outside of the site of the colon (all that is not taken into the system, but becomes toxic) and moves out into the body creating "dis-ease". Usually, one change in dietary routine and content is given so as not to overwhelm the person. Then, other routines and suggestions are made outside of food. It is amazing that once each change is implemented and accepted, how going back to old routines becomes almost unthinkable. I can speak from experience since my lifestyle is such. Each and every action I take for my well being everyday (which is to say that every routine I have adopted into my life) is something that I cannot go  too long without. Even if it is one change which takes you one month to "get", it is absolutely okay!!  Ayurveda brings us to examine ourselves beyond food and taking herbs.We all have different time frames for change, but whenever you are ready, it is YOUR time to discover yourself on a  deeper level.  Om. Shanti.