Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weight Loss Confusion

Do we hear this everywhere? We do since, in America, it is an ever growing concern.
Clients who are dealing with ongoing weight issues seem to be confused as to why they cannot drop the pounds when they believe they are eating "healthy", and excercising like a maniac. In Ayurveda, since everyone has a different constitution, and taking into consideration their imbalance, every person has a different need. This means that no one persons approach to losing the weight, and never seeing it reappear is different.
Embracing an Ayurvedic lifestyle means making real changes slowly in order for them to truly become a part of who you are. When this happens, there is no yo-yo dieting, fluctuating weight, or frustration. These are unnecessary, but for someone to experience lifelong health without the effects of feeling unsatisfied, they must take responsibility for being a part of the change.
Kapha dosha (or one of the three energies which governs our bodies), comprised of the earth and water elements, is responsible for weight or heaviness. Earth and water together are heavy. When you think of earth and water mixed, don't you picture mud? Well, this makes sense that when you feel heavy in the body, and /or the mind, (sluggish) that we could describe it as stickiness or feeling stuck. On saying that, Kapha is a beautiful dosha in that it is the protector of our bodies, the stability, our immunity. It is matter, and keeps our physical forms grounded. It is love.
The Kapha constitution easily gains weight and has a tough time losing it. Once your imbalance is determined, our approach to your weight loss will vary. We will work a  specific food plan, herb formulas to aid in elimination and metabolizing, yoga posture, and even color and aromatherapy! Let's get moving!!


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