Thursday, March 24, 2011

Energy shifts.. a new thought

Now that we are officially into the next season of the year, there are shifts naturally taking place around us and inside of us. With the latest catastrophe in Japan, there have been literal shifts in the landscape, a shift in the planets axis, and a shift of reality in those who have experienced this natural evolving of our Earth. This has also caused a shift worldwide, even if we aren't always conscious of it. If it's not already obvious, our consciousness is the largest shift of all. With everything happening so quickly, we must remember our interconnectedness with beautiful and powerful Mother Earth, each other, and all other beings in this world. Let us be thankful for every event, whether it be joyful, tearful, or one which seems tragic. This is how we learn to shift and grow in our lifetimes, just as the Earth has done for billions of years.

Om. Shanti.

Cooking for the Spring Season (Kapha)

This upcoming class is closing soon.. be sure to call to register!!!!  It's being held at Haute Cakes Caffe in Newport, with full use of the kitchen as it is a hands on class. Hope to see you there. 

Friday, March 11, 2011


There is more success in changing diet using the mentality of abundance than the mentality of deprivation.