Friday, August 26, 2011

It's almost autumn, and time to get re-aquainted with the rhythms of the season, and get your doshic (energetic) imbalance in check! The best way to approach this is by committing to a three month program. This keeps you on track and accountable, as well as offering your first herbal preparations to support your changes, and a cooking class which is beyond invaluable!!  Check out the Three Month program on the Consultations page, and make this seasonal decision for yourself. Namaste.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

September Mantra and Meditation Retreat!

At the base of the foothills of the Los Padres National Forest, Villa Ojai is the location for a blissful and peaceful weekend of mantra, meditation, and yoga. Included in this amazing and heart opening weekend are sound vibration therapy with the use of the ancient gong and singing bowls, morning meditation, yoga classes, hiking, and the use of  hot tub/pool.  I have the honor of creating the menu and preparing Ayurvedic meals to the guests, providing them with nourishment which supports the meditation and yoga practice through the weekend. There are a few spots left!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

From Mountain Rose Herbs.. charitable donations.. awesome!!

Charitable Giving and Non-Profit Support

One of the finest expressions for all of us at Mountain Rose Herbs is the ability to extend our sincere support to the numerous organizations and individuals who all share a reverence for the world we live in, and we do this by allocating an average of $90,000 dollars each year for charitable giving, sponsorships, community functions, conservation work, and plant related projects. In addition to generous financial contributions, we also work directly with numerous non-profits by helping them organize events, distribute information, and garner new members. To view a short list of the organizations we support and the specific work we do for them please click here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Ayurveda teaches that our bodies correspond to the changing seasons in nature. With each change in the seasonal cycle, we can feel the internal shifts physically as they also manifest mentally and emotionally. Since we are indeed not separate from nature, we then also must transition from one season to the next. The difference here is that we have the ability to make choices in our lives which don't always allow us to flow into a seasonal change in the way that every other sentient being naturally harmonizes with those cyclical changes. This is why the importance of knowing who we are and what we need as individuals is paramount to achieving our optimal health.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Energy shifts.. a new thought

Now that we are officially into the next season of the year, there are shifts naturally taking place around us and inside of us. With the latest catastrophe in Japan, there have been literal shifts in the landscape, a shift in the planets axis, and a shift of reality in those who have experienced this natural evolving of our Earth. This has also caused a shift worldwide, even if we aren't always conscious of it. If it's not already obvious, our consciousness is the largest shift of all. With everything happening so quickly, we must remember our interconnectedness with beautiful and powerful Mother Earth, each other, and all other beings in this world. Let us be thankful for every event, whether it be joyful, tearful, or one which seems tragic. This is how we learn to shift and grow in our lifetimes, just as the Earth has done for billions of years.

Om. Shanti.

Cooking for the Spring Season (Kapha)

This upcoming class is closing soon.. be sure to call to register!!!!  It's being held at Haute Cakes Caffe in Newport, with full use of the kitchen as it is a hands on class. Hope to see you there. 

Friday, March 11, 2011


There is more success in changing diet using the mentality of abundance than the mentality of deprivation.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Congested.. but I don't eat cheese!!!

A friend of mine recently shared her frustration with head congestion, even though she does the neti and doesn't eat cheese on even a semi regular basis. I explained to her that at the change of seasons, when things are shifting, that is exactly what happens.. shifting which means that due to seasonal changes, our body will also make adjustments depending on what dosha is ruling out of balance at that time. So, being vata/pitta by nature, but now vata/kapha imblanced, there is a bit of a challenge. This is where each person needs to be looked at differently. Her vices are daily two glasses of red wine and occasionally with that a cigarette. Well, the wine and cigarettes are causing much heat, which is also dehydrating and depleting to vata, and the sulfites in the wine cause many to become "stuffy" in the nose and head as kapha is becoming a part of the mix to rescue the body from dryness. Also, an allergic reaction to the sulfites is talking place.
My simple suggestion is, of course, to cut back drastically on the wine and do away with the cigarettes! Not an easy task for the wine lovers or the smoker, but to embrace an Ayurvedic change in lifestyle, at first we must gradually move out of destructive routine and replace those with healthful and supportive options. No one said it would be easy..we adopt these vices for a slew of reasons, but to know how it feels to be in balance awakens the awareness of our amazing and beautiful bodies and minds! Once you discover how you feel once in balance, it is easier to bring yourself back if you partake in those old patterns once in a while. I can almost guarantee that those old ideas of "needing" that cigarette, or "having to have" those couple glasses of wine daily will no longer resonate with your daily routine. 

Spring.. Kapha season already?

The kapha season is once again upon us, even though the seasons here in California have been unpredictable for the most part in the past year. Since we have a much less noticeable "change" in season, and ever changing weather patterns during our winter/spring time it can be easy to forget to "remember" how to approach each season with our constitutions in may have noticed some changes in the way you feel during the past few weeks. Many people have complained of headaches, sinus congestion, and a few still coming down with flu like symptoms. Remember, as we pass into a new season, this is transition so just as nature goes through a flux and change we also do. The coming season is the Kapha season which is comprised of earth and water. This is heaviness,and mucous and it has been accumulating in the last parts of the winter season around January and now is showing up as all of the conditions that you may have been experiencing. The cold of the drier winter season is melting.. warming up and flowing out!

This is a great time to have a consultation to cleanse and set yourself for a new beginning..
The implementation of certain routines in this season will keep the stagnation of mucousy kapha dosha to a minimum. If you tend to lean more toward this dosha in constitution then you will want to pay particular attention to the following suggestions!

  • Each morning, make a "tea" of warm water with fresh lemon juice and about a tsp. of grated ginger root or a 1" slice of ginger. Allow to steep for 5 min. This will stimulate digestive fire and cleanse the lymph. Ginger root is warming, and dry ginger is hot, so if you have much heaviness in the body (weight, or copious amounts of mucous), use a pinch of dry ginger instead for the first week and then notice how you feel!
  • Movement is important now! A morning walk or run, and other forms of exercise such as yoga (asana), hiking, and strength training are highly recommended. If you are familiar with your constitution (prakruti) then you will have a better idea of which type of exercise balances you and serves you best without working harder than necessary to achieve positive results.
  • Although the physical aspect is important to relieve heaviness in the body (and for many other reasons) we must also look at the more subtle, mental side of balance.  Taking time for a meditation, which could be sitting in silence, visualization, walking meditation, or whatever resonates with you and focuses your breathing and brings peace to you.