Monday, February 4, 2013

Beauty and Radiance Workshop!

Come enjoy a fun, and educational afternoon learning about the skin from an Ayurvedic perspective, and how to obtain the “glow” which comes from the inside out!  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Workshop in January! Radiance and Nourishment for Vata Season... Inside Out

Winter is the Vata cycle of the seasons (October-February), and as we are into this drier, cooler time of the year, learn to harmonize the “dance of the doshas” or the constant internal shifts happening within body and mind. Let’s learn what nourishes our skin from within!
Sunday, January 27th

*Nourishment, Radiance, and Beauty for the Autumn (Vata) Season
11 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
This segment of the workshop will cover the Vata season as Ayurveda follows it through to late winter time. We will discuss the skin, oils, routines, aromas and spices which bring moisture, radiance and beauty from the inside out. We will also make a moisturizing, nourishing homemade facial masque to take with you!

*Nourishing Inside Out.. Flavors for Winter
12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
Work as a group in creating a cozy and nutritious Ayurvedically planned meal for this season, and learn the benefits of preparing your food as a meditation with spices and mindfulness. 

  • Simple Beet, and Bean Salad w/ Dijon Honey dressing
  • Leek, Fennel, Potato Bisque
  • *Kitchari with veggies, pumpkin seeds, and coconut milk
*this will be made as a collective effort

Cost is $75
Receive $25 off of Ayurvedic Consult or Ayurvedic Facial Massage upon registration of class! 
Call me to register @ 949-910-9406

Jodi Kirtley, C.A.S.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ayurvedic workshop Jan. 11-13th

Please join in on a weekend of education and illumination at Anya Flow Yoga in Lakewood the weekend of January 11th. Friday eve 7-9:30, Sat. 11-6, Sun. 11-6. 
Holly Robison, the founder of Sundara Yoga Teacher Training Program will be guiding the AyurYoga practice the first half of the day and theprinciples of Ayurveda will be taught by me in the afternoon portion!! Please contact studio for pricing details! 

Anya Flow Yoga Studio
11138 Los Alamitos Blvd

Los AlamitosCA 90720
(562) 310-3411

Skin in the Vata Season

Do you know that your skin is the largest digestive organ of the body? That is pretty important to know, since all that we put on our skin topically then enters the body through our skin and effects us on a deeper level. In short, beauty is more than skin deep. 

As we are in the Vata cycle of the season, which tends to be drier if not colder here in Southern California here are a few tips for keeping the moisture and above all, luster to the outward skin from the inside and a few easy tips for the outward treatment and care as well:

  • Favor warm herbal teas such as cinnamon, cardamom, tulsi, rose, and gotu kola to stimulate digestion and calm the mind in order to maintain overall health of the whole body.
  • Using ghee, sesame oil and olive oil in cooking
  • Ginger, sage, thyme, and marjoram are wonderful warming as well as cozy spices to use in your winter cooking and support warming your body during this dry and cold time of year,
  • Self massage with warm oil (sesame/sunflower or jojoba) in morning or evening slightly warmed to body temperature. This can be done simply by placing a small bottle in a pan of hot water. 
  • Use organic food grade facial products as your skin will “eat it up”. A hydrating cleanser, toning mist, facial oil and a daily moisturizer are the basics. 
  • Most importantly, your sleep time is essential! Taking time to ground and calm the mind in the evening then getting to bed by 10 (or earlier if you so choose) is a kind as well as connected practice not just this season, but every season.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Upcoming Ayur Yoga 200 hour teacher certification in October 2012!!Join this unique and intimate teacher training led by Holly Robison. I will be teaching the Ayurvedic section! Early bird is ending soon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ayurvedic Facials coming in September

I am so thrilled to invite you to enjoy the deeply satisfying and healing therapy of Ayurvedic Facials and Indian head massage. I will begin to offer these in September, and will be updating this info as I have more details on location. I will not be doing these at Lotus Salon due to scheduling conflicts with the existing facial room. I look forward to offering  the healing power of touch to my services! Please check under the consultations and services tab!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weight Loss Confusion

Do we hear this everywhere? We do since, in America, it is an ever growing concern.
Clients who are dealing with ongoing weight issues seem to be confused as to why they cannot drop the pounds when they believe they are eating "healthy", and excercising like a maniac. In Ayurveda, since everyone has a different constitution, and taking into consideration their imbalance, every person has a different need. This means that no one persons approach to losing the weight, and never seeing it reappear is different.
Embracing an Ayurvedic lifestyle means making real changes slowly in order for them to truly become a part of who you are. When this happens, there is no yo-yo dieting, fluctuating weight, or frustration. These are unnecessary, but for someone to experience lifelong health without the effects of feeling unsatisfied, they must take responsibility for being a part of the change.
Kapha dosha (or one of the three energies which governs our bodies), comprised of the earth and water elements, is responsible for weight or heaviness. Earth and water together are heavy. When you think of earth and water mixed, don't you picture mud? Well, this makes sense that when you feel heavy in the body, and /or the mind, (sluggish) that we could describe it as stickiness or feeling stuck. On saying that, Kapha is a beautiful dosha in that it is the protector of our bodies, the stability, our immunity. It is matter, and keeps our physical forms grounded. It is love.
The Kapha constitution easily gains weight and has a tough time losing it. Once your imbalance is determined, our approach to your weight loss will vary. We will work a  specific food plan, herb formulas to aid in elimination and metabolizing, yoga posture, and even color and aromatherapy! Let's get moving!!